Favorite Paris Blogs/Resources

David Lebovitz/Living the Sweet Life in Paris.

Funny, sarcastic, excellent writing by David Lebovitz. He was a chef in Berkeley Chez Panisse and moved to Paris several years ago. Whenever he writes a new post I read it immediately. He offers gives an unvarnished, sarcastic view of the city he loves and great, honest Partis food recommendations. He  just published a great new cookbook, My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories. I’m a big fan.

Le Fooding

The source for news about new restaurants in Paris and beyond. Each review has one or more beautiful photos of the restaurant and a copy of the receipt for a recent lunch or dinner. Reviews are mostly in French but there are some in English too.

Paris by Mouth

The source for news about everything food, wine, and beer related. They also list free wine and beer tastings in the city and they offer food tours all over Paris that I’ve heard are fun, unusual and delicious.


Love bread? This blog offers lovingly detailed descriptions of boulangeries all over the city.

Paris Bouge

Listings of art, music, other culture, restaurants, events, etc. In French.

Swimming outdoors/e vous

Where to swim outdoors in Paris.







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