Red Bread

Every boulangerie makes baguettes and other breads, some phenomenally better than others. But at La Gambette à Pain, a red rice yeast and goji berry bread pops up once each week, offered alongside the traditional fare.

Red Bread at La Gambette à PainI found out about this bakery thanks to Alex Toledano, who runs Visto images and knows all things Paris, and to the wonderfully obsessive Painrisien bread blog.

Their red bread gets its color and taste from Monascus, a powder derived from red rice, with supposed digestive benefits. Wonderfully airy and moist, the load has a vegetal, earthy taste livened up by the acidic goji berries. I’m not sure I love it, but it would be interesting with a creamy cheese.

If you like experiments like this, this bakery is definitely worth a visit. On Wednesdays they make a green matcha and azuki brean bread, and on Fridays an apple cider loaf I really want to try.

One bread that’s available daily and is truly delicious and aromatic is Mon Pain Préféré, the big sister of the famous Pain Des Amis at Du Pain et Des Idées (10th). According to Painrisien, Jean-Paul Mathon – the Gambetta baker – trained Christope Vasseur who founded this other exquisite bakery.

La Gambette à Pain




La Gambette à Pain. 86, Avenue Gambetta.  20th

The Monascus loaf is available on Thursdays and the green matcha and azuki bean loaf on Wednesdays.

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