Portlandia in Paris

A new event space-cafe recently opened in an old train station at the far end of the 18th. Inside La Récyclerie, you can use a free tool room to repair appliances and bicycles, listen to live music, buy wine by the glass or bottle from bulk wine tanks, or eat gluten-free baked goods. At the back an outdoor cafe borders lushly overgrown train rails. The only thing missing is a feminist bookstore.

La Récylcerie

Chez René — free tool room to fix bikes and appliances.

Bulk wine provided by En Vrac

Bulk wine provided by En Vrac

The rails form part of the Petite Ceinture of tracks that encircle Paris and were in use until the 1930s when the popular underground Metro system rendered them obsolete. Although the rails are typically off-limits, many people explore them and the long, dark, and I’m told, scary tunnels. But some areas are finding new use. In the 20th, one of the stations is now a music club, La Flèche d’Or. And a few weeks ago a dance party was held on the rails in the 18th.

IMG_2973La Récyclerie


Location/More Info

La Récyclerie: 83 Blvd Ornano, 18th.

En Vrac wine: Inside La Récyclerie, and also at 2 Rue L’olive, 18th & 69 Rue de Maubeuge, 10th

History and pictures of exploring La Petite Ceinture:

Pierre Folk photos on This is Colossal

Messy Nessy


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