Why Paris Ephemeral? Because walking the streets of this city reveals the kinds of discoveries that pop up when walking through a forest after a rainstorm: everything is slightly different from the day before. Perhaps there’s new street art or a  jewel-box of a bar à vin, or an unusual building stands out in the afternoon light. Though these may last more than a day (some have been here centuries), the encounter is a momentary spark of joy. The items in this blog are ephemeral in the sense that seeing, walking, or tasting them are singular moments of discovery.

If you get a frisson out of urban discoveries I hope there are some here for you. And if there’s something particularly phenomenal, smile-inducing, or quirky that you’ve experienced here I’d love to know.

And me? I’m managing business development for Bandcamp, a music website where fans support musicians they love by paying for their music. I’ve co-founded a company called SmartsCo, creating award-winning games and guides to learn about wine, food, chocolate, sex, Paris and more.  I love immersing myself in projects and Paris is an ongoing one.

Nice to meet you,



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